Best hair oil for men

Best hair oil

Are you worried about your hair?

Do you want to give the right care to your hair?

Are you looking for the best hair oil for men?

As we know hair enhances our beauty. A good hairstyle feels you smarter and more capable. Your hairs also increase your confidence.

This all can be achieved by good hairs and for maintaining good hairs you have to choose the right hair oil.

Due to pollution and improper nutrition, your hairs suffer a lot.

Increasing pollution levels and harmful sun rays can harm your hair and make them dull, dry, or even lifeless.

So the question is how you can tackle all this.

You can nourish your hairs just by giving a regular hand massage with right hair oil.

I hope now you understand how important it is to choose the right hair oil for your hair.

So now I share the best hair oil for men in India.

Top 10 Best hair oils for men in India

1. Blue Nectar Briganantadi Hair

  • 100% natural
  • Reduce Dandruff
  • Free from chemicals
  • Nourish scalp and hairs
  • Reduce hair fall

The very first and best hair oil for men. It is 100% natural hair oil. As it contains 10 ayurvedic herbs which make it purely organic.

This oil gives your hair an ayurvedic treatment. It will make your scalp healthy which results in reduce hair fall. The smell of oil is also light and pleasant. If you are facing heavy hair fall then this is the best solution for you.

The best thing about this oil is that it is free from harmful chemicals like Mineral Oils, Alcohol, Sulfate, Paraben, or preservatives.

2. Himalaya Herbals Anti Hair Fall Oil

  • Prevent hair fall
  • Suitable for babies
  • Non sticky
  • Contains amla and Bhirngaraja
  •  Great price

The second best hair oil comes from Himalaya. As we know Himalaya is a trusted brand in personal care. This oil will strengthen your hair roots which result in less hair fall.

After applying it feels very light and also has a mild fragrance which makes it more awesome. It also comes under an affordable price tag. This a must-try product. If you are looking for light hair oil for regular usage then this is the best solution for you.

3. Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

  • Increase hair growth
  • Maintain the shine of hairs
  • Non greasy
  • 100% organic
  • Feels very light

Another best hair oil for men. As the name suggests it is coconut oil but it is 100% natural. It is prepared by a cold-pressed method which makes it more awesome and beneficial. It feels very light and the fragrance is also good.

It will also nourish your scalp and make it healthy. You can use it as your regular hair oil. It is a bit expensive but it is worth for money. If you are looking for premium quality oil then surely go with this.

4. Rey Naturals Premium Cold Pressed Castor Oil

  •  100% pure
  • Rich in vitamins
  •  Cold pressed oil
  • Increase hair growth
  • Nourish scalp and keep it hydrated

As the name suggests it is 100% natural castor oil. If your hair is getting thinner then this is the best solution for you. This oil is a bit thick so you can mix it with coconut oil before applying.

This oil is rich in various vitamins and fatty acids which gives you awesome results. It will make your hair thicker and shiny. It also comes under a very affordable price tag. It is a must-try product.

5. UrbanBotanics Pure Cold Pressed Olive Oil

  •  Rich in vitamin A & E
  • 100% natural
  • Make hair healthier
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Keep scalp hydrated

Best and pure olive oil for hair. This hair oil is chemical-free which is a very good thing. The smell of the oil is also mild and good. The oil is very light so you can use it on regular basis.

It is enriched with vitamin A & E which is very beneficial for your hairs and scalp also. This oil can strengthen your hair and make them more shiner. If you are looking for olive oil for regular use then this is the best oil for you.

6. WOW Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

  •  Non stick
  • Suitable for all hair type
  • No mineral oil
  • Increase shine of hairs
  • Gives silkier & stronger hair

I hope that you already listen about WOW hair oil. This is the best onion black seed oil. It also contains almond, castor, jojoba, olive, and Coconut Oil which gives you more nourishment and awesome results.

It is enriched with various vitamins which is very beneficial for your scalp and hairs also. The best thing is that it is non-sticky and feels very light on your hair. The smell is good and quite strong.

7. UrbanGabru Hair Growth Serum oil with Castor oil

  •  No harmful chemicals
  • Decrease hair fall
  • Faster results
  • Make hair thicker
  • Remove dandruff

Another best hair oil from Urbangabru. This hair oil is best for making hair thicker and stronger. If you are worried about dandruff then this is the best solution for you. As this hair oil can remove dandruff from your hair.

Results can be seen faster in comparison to many other oils. The smell is also mild and good. You can also use it as your regular oil. It will also help in maintaining healthy hair.

8. Beardo Onion Oil

  • Make hair shinier
  • Very effective on dandruff
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Decrease hair fall
  • Fast results

Another best hair oil for men in India. You already heard about Beardo because of its quality. Beardo is a leading brand in the hair oil segment. This oil is best for controlling hair fall. Results will appear quite faster. It also proves very effective in reducing dandruff.

This oil is a bit costly but it is worthy of its cost. This oil is enriched with Sulphur, Vitamin B complex, E, C, and other minerals intact which is good for your hair. If you are looking for a premium onion oil then must go with this oil.

9. Biotique Bio Bhringraj Oil

  • Nourishes your scalp
  • Best for damaged hair
  • Diminish greying of hair
  • Strengthen your hair
  • 100% ayurvedic

Another best hair oil from Biotique. This is 100% ayurvedic oil. This oil is proven for growing new hair and make them strong. This oil can reduce hair fall and the best thing is that this oil can reduce the greying of hair. It will also make your scalp healthy and keep  hydrated.

If you are looking for an ayurvedic oil for regular use then you can go with this oil. This is the best oil in this price range.

10. POSITIVE Castor Oil

  • Castor oil
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Cold pressed
  • 100% pure and natural

So another best castor oil for men. This is a premium quality castor oil. This oil is cold pressed and 100% pure. If you want to boost your hair growth then this is the best solution for you. This oil is beneficial for people who have thin hair but want strong hair.

This oil is suitable for all scalp types means anyone can use it. If you are looking for premium quality castor oil then you can try this and see amazing results.

Final verdict

As you go through the whole article. I hope now you will able to choose your perfect hair oil. If you still have any query then  simply leave a comment or you can also ask in live chat. 

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day.

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